Travel to Costa Rica

Are you looking for a relaxing place to visit? If you answered yes, travel to Costa Rica would be a great option. Costa Rica has long been popular for travelers because it offers a lot of opportunities. This Central American country offers beautiful beaches, lush forests, amazing colonial buildings, stunning jungles, unique festivals, and an […]

Costa Rica Exploring the Most Famous Volcanoes

Costa Rica is the best place to go to if you love volcanoes. These volcanic islands are full of beauty, and are the perfect place for nature lovers. You can view some of the most beautiful sights in the world as you cruise through the volcanoes. If you enjoy watching the sun go down you […]

Explore the Best Costa Rica Trips

Costa Rica vacations are some of the best travel experiences one can have. Rich in nature’s bounty, this small Central American country is thronged by travelers who seek a taste of exoticism amidst its peaceful environments. From its sandy beaches to crystal-clear ocean water, Costa Rica offers a myriad of natural wonders that can captivate […]

The Best Costa Rica Beaches

Costa Rica beaches are among the best in the world. This is because they are so perfect for water sports. Costa Rica beaches are so popular that many tourists get there just to swim. The crystal blue waters of the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean attract thousands of tourists every year. Costa Rica’s Central Pacific Coast […]

Paradise Shuttle CR

Paradise Shuttle Costa Rica provides safe and comfortable shared and private bus and minivan services to towns across Costa Rica.